Historic Preservation Sitka

Historic preservation has been a “thing” in Sitka for over a half century. St. Michael’s Cathedral was rebuilt as exactly as possible after the downtown fire in January of 1966. Many sites in Sitka are on the National Register, including National Historic Landmarks. Major preservation projects, like the rehabilitation of the downtown Post Office for City offices, the restoration of the Episcopal Church See House, saving the Japonski Island Boathouse, and rehabilitating Allen Memorial Hall on the Sheldon Jackson College campus have quietly been accomplished over the years.

Recently some of us realized that Sitka is outstanding for the number of interesting historic sites that are still around are are being preserved, in spite of the rainy climate.

And we realized, in early 2016, that there is not a lot of awareness or understanding of the value of historic preservation.

This little site is an attempt to share the love of old buildings – not for what they are, but for what we can learn about the people of the past, and about ourselves.

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